Long ago, while sleeping under the stars on a rooftop, tall bird beings came to me. They gifted me with a beautiful iridescent blue feather. It is in honor of those beings that Dream Bird Studio is named.

This blog is an exploration of what is produced in my studio overlooking the Columbia River. The work is primarily fiber arts, and most especially botanical dyes. I hold a BFA from the University of Oregon in fiber arts with a focus on natural dyes.

I have been somewhat obsessed with natural dyes from the moment I first encountered them while in my twenties. The miracle of color from roots, leaves, flowers, and even  insects & mollusks is compelling. These are the living colors of our ancestors and using them connects us to both the future and the distant past.

To wear something colored with plants is to wear the mantle of the the landscape from whence that dye came. Here’s to many rainbows!




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