Ten of Ten


The Ten of Ten Project

The basic idea is to make editions of ten handmade items.  These, sets, or episodes as it were, will always have some unifying attribute, either technique or material. It may be 10 scarves of a particular material, or it may be 10 dresses, or 10 sets of indigo dyed napkins, or 10 handwoven rugs, or 10 hand bound books, or . . . basically 10 of anything I like to make. Usually fiber arts related, often naturally dyed.

Editions are responsive to the seasons, and to my whims. (Me being Iris Sullivan Daire.) Working this way has evolved as my preferred means of practicing art. A background as a baker has taught me the benefits of making things in batches. Then there is my family.

I am Ten Of Ten

I am the tenth of an edition of ten. I suppose if I had been an only child I would revel in the beauty of One, however, being the youngest of ten children creates a particular affinity for the number 10.  This combined with a long history of joyful holiday gift production runs, made for said large creative family, greatly informs this project.  Basically, it is a fairly small group of people who have nine siblings – when you do, well you just have to sort of go with it.

It all boils down to a story

They say that in order to get really good at something you need to practice it for 10,000 hours. The motivation to practice your craft comes from the story you tell yourself about what you are doing. I  know that I find it more enjoyable to make things when the process has layers of meaning and story behind it. One thing I like about creating in episodes, is in part this possibility for more story.  When I make an edition of something it creates a sort of gravity – a gravity that draws more story to the situation.  By making  ten of something- it reinforces that special synergy only attained with a group.

Imagine seeing a single Hummingbird at a feeder, it is a tiny gem of incredible beauty and grace. But just suppose you saw 10 hummingbirds moving around the feeder at one time – well then you would have a story to tell!

And Another thing. . . or Ten.

I like to think that the items in the episodes hold some unifying resonance – and when they go out into the world they act as a spark to remind people that they belong, and of how they are connected to all things.

For one thing, by purchasing part of an episode you are connecting in some way to the other nine like minded people, who, like you, are drawn to the particular resonance of a specific set. My hope is that while enjoying one of these objects your thoughts might turn to such ripples of tiny connection, sparking a remembrance that we are all connected to one another in myriad invisible ways, and never truly untethered and alone. May it connect you more deeply to yourself, and perhaps open curiosity about the plants that likely gave color to the piece – how that plant is also part of a grander whole.

When we cultivate a practice of noticing such connections, and the many ways our shared humanity make us more similar than we are different, we are actively bringing more peace and compassion into our lives. My hope with the Ten of Ten Project is that the work of my hands may serve to increase these things by the power of 10.

All Episodes are listed on the Shop Page. Thank you for supporting small scale artisans such as myself.