April 2018: After a winter spent getting my life and studio in order, I am working on creating a viable business from the work of my hands.  Right Now I am particularly obsessed with getting a dye plant garden going on my back deck. Our house is overrun with tiny seedlings at the moment.

September 2017: Right now I am still on fire exploring natural dyes, working with a sense of urgency as autumn arrives in gusty rain filled breaths.  Just spent a day direct dyeing with fresh indigo leaves. This week is all about working on preparing for a few upcoming classes I am teaching.

July 2017: Right now I am in the midst of a big life transition. I am re-entering art after focusing my attention on the rest of things for about a dozen years.  I just quit my job.

This summer I am exploring again my passion for natural color. Reestablishing an indigo habit is bringing me joy. Reading all of the books on natural dyes that have been published since I was last paying attention, and experimenting with dyeing with avocado pits and noxious weeds all excite me right now.

The best part of it is that I get to do all of these things while hanging out with my awesome teenage boys, and that my husband is willing to gather weeds with me.